Afghan Appeal

We have all watched the terrible events unfold in Afghanistan over the last few weeks and witnessed untold suffering of people in the country.

Some of our clients here in Colchester, have family back in Afghanistan and what is happening in their country has obviously brought deep fear and anxiety to them.

We set up a Local Giving Appeal in order to specifically raise money for people fleeing Afghanistan, together with an appeal for specific items such as toiletries.

The community in Colchester and surrounding areas has been amazing, we have been inundated with donations. Essex County Council have paused clothing donations and if there is further need for items we will update everyone.

Please monitor our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for future appeals

In regard to the Local Giving Appeal, this has so far raised over £10,000, we want to extend our gratitude to everyone who donated. Some of this money has been used to finance a respite day for the families. Prayer mats, dictionaries and essential items have been purchased for people too.

As families make the transition into their new homes, some of the money raised will help buy essential items for them. 
There have also been donations of prams and cots which have been passed to the families and lots of wonderful gifts for the children including toys, books and activity packs

If you wish to donate to the Local Giving Appeal please follow the link below

Thank you