A wave of optimism

I’m Grace, a 25-year-old from Colchester. I have a politics degree and have just completed my legal studies. I was due to start my training contract in September 2021. Like so many, plans changed, and my training contract was delayed for a year. I returned to Colchester and started working at Community 360 (a partner of RA-C). They allowed me to work 4 days a week, whilst I fulfilled my voluntary commitment to Refugee Action – Colchester.

I volunteer every Monday at the offices of Refugee Action – Colchester. I’m another pair of hands, and I am happy to help in anyway. Refugee Action – Colchester is a very busy and fast-moving organisation. Sometimes help might come in the form of stacking tins in the food bank or providing a friendly face for clients during a distressing time whilst I help take follow up notes. I’m even partial to some DIY. The group is always happy to involve me in their work, explaining the context in which clients have come in, the barriers they face and what their next steps might be.

In such a difficult year, I feel very lucky to have been introduced to such a wonderful group of people, always kind and generous with their time. On my way into work, on what is often a gloomy Monday, I’m hit by a huge wave of optimism as I walk through the door.

Although so many clients find Refugee Action – Colchester in a time of real hardship, to see the hope Refugee Action – Colchester offers, is a testament to all involved.

Refugee Action – Colchester is the embodiment of tangible action and meaningful change. It’s also a place of real growth, supported by an ever-growing group of people recognising the amazing work they do.