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We are a voluntary organisation working with refugees, asylum seekers and people with no recourse to public funds.

We offer non-judgemental assistance to individuals and families in need. We support newcomers in navigating the challenges of coming to a new town, particularly addressing inequalities they face in accessing services.

By working to support people facing lack of representation and advocacy we build a stronger community for those who are often ignored or left behind.

We reduce destitution, homelessness and the effects of a system designed to be hostile to our clients.

We fill gaps in statutory provision and address inequalities creating lasting change and better designed services by creating lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with both statutory and voluntary services.

Now that we are OISC registered we are delighted to be able to support those making applications to the Home Office which can support them when facing Domestic Abuse or may not have recourse to public funds.

We are absolutely thrilled to have been given The King’s Award for Voluntary Service 2023… the voluntary service equivalent of an MBE! 

We are enormously proud to have received this prestigious award, given to volunteer groups across the UK to recognise exceptional service within communities. It is the greatest acknowledgement we can have as an organisation.

We would welcome money donations to help with many areas of expense resulting from the increased demand on our resources. See the donation button below.

Donate with local giving

Here is a list of donation items that we would really appreciate:

  • Nappies sizes 4-7

  • Baby wipes

  • Baby toiletries

  • Toiletries – shampoo, shower gel, razors, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes

  • Mobile phones (still working)

  • Playstations/games consoles

  • Cooking pots and pans

  • Backpacks, notebooks, pens/pencils etc (for college)

  • Good clean duvets, duvet covers

  • Any tinned foods especially kidney beans, chick peas, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, tuna, sardines, fruit, coconut milk, evaporated milk

  • Cooking oil, tomato puree, pasta, rice, herbs & spices

Looking for a nice gift for you and your loved ones?

We have something for you that will make them happy and help others too!

Visit our shop! 

Client Testimonials

“I always feel better when I am at the Refugee Action – Colchester’s (RAMA’s) office.

You make me feel like I am important.”


The people from RA-C (RAMA) are very nice and professional. If you have ANY problem they can solve it. They are so generous with their time and energy.

I feel very lucky coming to Colchester and especially meeting the happy, friendly people at RA-C (RAMA).

I never thought it would be good like this for me.”


All the people at RA-C (RAMA) are so helpful and kind and we trust them to help with everything.

They work all the time to help people with so many different problems.

I feel so lucky to have come to RA-C (RAMA).

They have helped us SO much, I don’t know what I would have done without them.”


I genuinely love my caseworker at RA-C (RAMA)! I know I can turn to her with any issue and she will help. [She] knows exactly the right questions to ask to get to the issue. She follows through, checks up on me, tells me who to call or contacts people for me, then ensures that they do what they say they will…..”


RA-C (RAMA) is the most amazing organisation that I will be grateful to for the rest of my life.

[They have] provided support in so many ways beyond my imagination. I am crying to think where I would be if I had not found the organisation.

Thank you with my whole heart.”


I have never trusted anybody like I trust RA-C (RAMA).

They are ALWAYS helpful and professional and non-judgemental.

I feel like I now have family in the UK, and it is RA-C (RAMA). I am very happy.

They carry all of everybody’s problems on their heads.


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